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Caribbean Club History

The Caribbean club opened to the public in the 70’s with Josep Lluís Marruenda, M. Dolores Boadas’s husband, whose family ran the mythical Boadas Cocktail Bar.

The Club was born out of don José’s liking for Jules Verne’s adventures mixed with impressions of his trips to Cuba, where he managed to become the first distributor of Havana Club rum in Spain. Decorated with nautical motives, it used to hold within its glass cases a fine collection of cocktail shakers and several souvenirs from Cuba, such as the actual maracas Antornio Machín once owned.

This new place has been from the very beginning Boadas’s “little brother”, a more private, intimate spot aimed at a specific public. Its maritime decor is suggestive of the relationship between the rum and the sea, and whenever you have a cocktail here you get the feeling of distant travel. The Caribbean Bar is undoubtedly a cosmopolitan, international space which awakens your senses, prompting conversation and new acquaintances, where you can share a long evening in good companionship.

Juanjo Barman and Owner

I became attracted to the cocktail world partly through the reading of the Carvallo novel series by the great writer and gourmet Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.

Later, in 1986, I found out about professional cocktail making at Amarcord bar. I liked it and decided to take a course at Escuela de Hostelería in Barcelona with José M. Gotarda, owner of Ideal Cocktail Bar at the time.

With a little more experience, I had the chance to work in a place of worldwide reference, the Boadas, in Carrer Tallers in Barcelona for a number of years.

After some time, a new adventure with Negroni bar started, which helped me a lot to undertake the leadership of a much greater project, Milano Cocktail Bar, in Barcelona as well.

At present, I am starting a new period, this time as a barman and owner behind the bar of the Caribbean Club. Vocation, experience, illusion, maturity, innovation and, as usual, adventure come together, that’s why this is such a special occasion for me.


Núria Miret was born in El Poal, El Pla d'Urgell, in 1974. She came to Barcelona to study Fine Arts more than twenty years ago and fell in love with cocktails as soon as she entered one.

In 2014 she joins the Club Caribbean project following the premises of being hospitable, offering a good experience and to enjoying. Learning all the recipes came later on, and understanding the essence of the cocktails was a great challenge.

Doing duo with Juanjo González she combines the work in his painting studio with the mixology, she takes care of the graphic part of Caribbean and makes the menues so everyone can immerse themselves into that trip to the Havana of the fifties that impregnates all the local.

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Los Bonvivant

Written on March 2014

“Caribbean Club, cócteles y un viaje en el tiempo en altamar. Lo que nos gustó de esta coctelería nada más encontrarla, es esa sensación de que no es un lugar para todos, sino para el que ha sido conducido hasta allí: de alguna manera logra esconderse en plena calle de les Sitges del Raval, ... ”



Written by Jeff on May 2015

“Find Your Favorite Cocktail at Caribbean Club. Owner-barman Juanjo González serves the best cocktails in town at this tiny bar that seats maybe 15 people, at most. Juanjo is very precise when he mixes drinks; I like his dry martini with olives. It’s a good spot to take a date or a good friend. ... ”



Written on Octover 2018

“The Telegraph escoge al Caribbean Club. El Caribbean Club barcelonés, entre los 27 mejores bares del mundo “que capturan el espíritu de la ciudad” según The Daily Telegraph. ... ”


Havanna Club

June 2017

“Havana Club Editor: Juanjo Gonzalez on a cuban education in Barcelona. The boadas alumni and Caribbean Club owner tells us about his cuban affair and his love for the sound Havana. ... Juanjo Gonzalez, owner of Caribbean Club in Barcelona, who was trained at legendary Cuban / Catalonian bar Boadas and can’t see himself opening his bar without spinning El Manisero. "


Conde Nast Traveler

Written by Naren Young on July 2019

"This bar, which has been around since the '70s, is like a rum-fueled Caribbean hideout in the heart of Barcelona, just a few blocks from Plaça de Catalunya. ... "


Adventures of the Barstalker

Written on March 2017

“My Personal HighLight. Highly Recommended. The next bar, and my favourite of this trip, is a recommendation from Francois Monti. I would never have found this little gem. Tiny, intimate, personal, selected spirits and a bar team full of love and passion. A bar with history and a bar for rum lovers. With daiquiri in your hand you can ... "


Barcelona Foodie Guide

Written by Naila Rivadulla on Abril 2017

“Juanjo González, cantinero de Barcelona en un barco de vela de tintes cubanos. Juanjo tiene un largo historial a sus espaldas repleto de éxitos. De los cuales habla cuando sale a tema pero no hace gala. Tiene ese carisma del que no le hace falta demostrar nada, habla con total naturalidad de sus orígenes, de sus pasiones y de su oficio. De éste, cuenta que la línea que lo subraya es la vocativa al servicio. ... "


Time Out

Written by Ricard Martin on November 2017

“The ultra modern have taken over the city, and the cocktail industry has not emerged unscathed. Nowadays if you don't distil your own gin or serve bizarre concoctions in impossible vessels with stick-in-your-eye garnishes, you're nobody in this business. ... "



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